The Two Pamelas

A beautiful, half-naked, actress wakes up in a casting director’s office with a gun in her hand and the casting director, Burt Wald, lying dead on the floor with a bullet through his heart. Frightened, confused, thinking she killed him, she goes into hiding.

The police discover that Wald had picked up an actress named Darlene in a bar the night before, and they find his camera which has her picture and those of seventeen other young, naked actresses with whom Wald had had affairs, all lying unconscious at various times on his office couch.

They also discover that Wald had had an affair with his secretary, Elise Meyers and that she was planning to blackmail him when she found out he intended to fire her. She tells the police that Wald had gone home early the day before he was murdered and had seen something he wasn’t supposed to see and which had caused him to immediately start divorce proceedings against his wife, Pamela, and remove her from his insurance policy.

Later, it is learned that the gun used to kill Wald was stolen from a movie set on which his son, Jerry was the costumer, and which Pamela had visited a few days before the murder. It is also discovered that Wald and his son, Jerry hated each other and that Pamela and her son, Jerry, were unusually close to each other.

Four suspects. Each with a motive. Which one murdered Wald?

“The Two Pamelas” is a classic film noir thriller with a subject matter that has never been probed this deeply before in any American film. It is shocking, disturbing and powerful cinema; unique in its dramatic photography, lighting and score that sets the mood from the opening frame and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats until the surprise ending