When a life of glamour and fame is tragically tainted with the blood of the innocent, the world falls to it’s feet in pain and erupts with mayhem & confusion. But is the victim innocent? Why murder? How did this happen? Most of all, who would do such a thing?

We hear a soft voice as the scene fades in from black. The picture begins fuzzy, and slowly clears to show a close up of luscious red lips talking in almost a whisper. A woman narrates the story of how her amazing life came to it’s tragic end as she watches the people she loved and those who loved her deeply suffering with their loss as they are determined to find her killer. Her name is Sheera, a pop singer superstar with international fame and success. Her murder is introduced throughout her opening monologue by flashes of close up shots of her dead body lying on the floor bleeding. We start with her legs and arms, and the last flash is of her face at the end of the monologue. Then we cut to current real time at the scene of the crime.

Thus begins the unfolding of a classic "whodunit"