Detective Vinnie Randall

Steven Bauer’s parents immigrated to southern Florida, in 1960, when Steven was three years old. He is a graduate of Coral Park High School in Miami, Florida. Steven attended the University of Miami, where he was something of a heartthrob on campus. In the School of Drama's Ring Theater, he played such roles as Lennie in "Of Mice and Men." In the early 1980s he moved to New York City and studied under famed acting guru Stella Adler, appearing on stage in occasional productions.

Originally intended to become a musician but turned to acting while attending Miami-Dade Community College. He then transferred to Theater Arts Department of the University of Miami. His big film break came with the substantial role of Manolo Ribera in Scarface (1983) even though he was a relatively unknown actor at the time. The producers were convinced that he was right for the role based on his strong audition, as well as his authentic Cuban background. His performance drew a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.



Jennifer Day is of Italian and Polish decent, living in Italy until the age of four. She was raised in Michigan with her musical family. Her parents are musicians and music teachers. When Jennifer and her sisters were old enough, they began performing with their parents band, performing at weddings and parties. Jennifer got her first taste of the stage at the early age of 5 years old taking dance classes and quickly fell in love with the art of entertainment. She joined a dance company and trained in all styles of dance. In high school Jennifer was accepted into a musical theatre performing arts program and acquired a love for the theatre to add to her dance and musical talents. She moved to Los Angeles and was happily cast as the bubbly and hilarious Donna in the international hit comedy Pretty Cool 2. She gained her dramatic acting acclaim after winning The Best Film Award at The Valley Film Festival for her lead role in the psychological thriller Trunk. Playing a challenging singing and acting role, Jennifer starred opposite Steven Bauer in the classic whodunit murder mystery Showstopper. She can be seen nationally as a series regular in the hilarious comedy series Hot Package, on Adult Swim network. Jennifer has recorded 3 pop music albums and is most recognizable from starring in her popular TV series, Jennifer Day TV, currently broadcasting on Direct TV and all cables in the US, and internationally. Jennifer continues to entertain audiences all over the world through her films, television shows, and music.


Colin Silver

Jeff Manabat originated the role of Henry Tahara in the 2009 Ovation Award-nominated play Bronzeville with LA's historic Robey Theater Company. Other favorite stage credits include Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors), Oberon/Theseus (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Lun Tha (The King and I), Agrippa (Cleopatra: the Musical), and truthfully, ensemble roles in many musicals such as Miss Saigon and Funny Girl.

He currently tours internationally with the award-winning comedy a cappella quartet, The Kinsey Sicks, who have recorded 6 albums (Dragapella, Boyz 2 Girls, Sicks in the City, I Wanna be a Republican, Oy Vey in a Manger, and Sicks! Sicks! Sicks!, all available on iTunes), the over-the-top, satirical concert film I Wanna Be a Republican!, and the documentary Almost Infamous, which chronicled their bid for fame and fortune in Las Vegas.



Diane Jay Gonzalez originally from Houston,TX, but has been an LA native for over 3 years pursuing a career in modeling and acting. Film credits include Triple Cross,Cheerleader Camp, Down For Life starring Snoop Dogg and Danny Glover. Television credits include Entourage and Not Another Teen Show.

People are very surprised when they learn about her extensive improv background -- "Pretty girls can't be funny" they say. She quickly proves them wrong. She is incredibly passionate about her comedic improv because she loves to laugh and make others laugh.

Diane currently is attending LA Connection Comedy Theater. When she's not "being all professional," adrenaline is her best friend. She loves riding her dirtbike, snowboarding, wakeboarding, rock climbing, and all outdoor activities. The only thing she loves more than life is football.She majored in Broadcast Journalism and hopes to one day be sideline reporter for NFL.



Rushaun Loriano, was born in Central America ,in the beautiful city of Belize. Having been in the entertainment business for over two years now, her career is successful and still growing. She is a talented model, actress, singer and performer.

What makes her different from your typical girl is that she is very creative, smart and intelligent. With her dedication and personality this exotic beauty is planning to take her career all the way to the top.


Mak Moretti,now 20 years old, was born in Bosnia and raised in Germany. He moved to the United States in 2000 to Grand Rapids Michigan and then moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue acting where he studied Drama/Theater for 10 Years. He attended Davenport University under a Soccer Scholarship Studying Drama and Foreign Language.

Mak speaks Bosnian, German, and English -- all fluently. Johnny Depp is his role model.


Orson Phillips

Andrew J McGuinness was born on April 16th, 1982 in Winchester, Massachusetts. He attended Chelmsford High School in ChelmsfordMassachusetts. At an early age and an only child to his father, Gary and mother, Dianne McGuinness, Andrew began developing his own ideas and original styles.

After receiving a taste for the stage by performing as a chorus member and dancer in the spring musical, "Man of La Mancha" his senior year of high school, he pursued the stage and dramic arts at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Soon after receiving his B.F.A. in theater arts from Umass Amherst, he was offered a position with the Wingspan Theater Company in New York City. While in Manhattan, he performed in Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” as Vladamir for the New York Goldmine Theater Company and in William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” as the ever curious but always loyal servant to Brutus, Lucuis, with the White Planes Performing Arts Center.

In the summer of 2007, Andrew studied with a collaboration of acting professors, Maggie Mae, Kevin Kolack, and Boris Leskin. Shortly after New York, Andrew rapidly added numerous projects to his resume. Including, his own one man show "Within A Shapeless Mind", whichis now being developed into a feature film in collaboration with co-writer, director, and manager Jayson T. Stonne, an off Broadway showcase at the Orpheum Theater, and his most famous contemporary role on the stage, the DC Comic Hero and man of steel, Superman, in a revamped theatrical version of the 1960's Broadway show "It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's Superman."

It wasn't too long, before he started performing in roles as the leading man. Starring in many independent films, such as, "Prodigy"(2007), "Until Tomorrow"(2008), "The Moon Under Glass"(2008) with Ellipsis Entertainment and most recently "Show Stopper" (2010) with Steven Bauer. Since being in L.A., Andrew was quickly cast in the original play, "Unbroken Circles", written and directed by Greg Phillips. His film career also took off with the feature, “The Moon Under Glass” produced by Ellipsis Entertainment. This was his first starring role.


I was born a poor little black girl in the deep south of America. I’m just kidding. I’m actually from Albany originally, but it is country, so that does make me a country girl, and I was raised in the south… South Florida that is… like Miami Beach. Me and Brazilian thongs are best friends, but please don’t tell my dear sweet mama that she would just die she made me promise to always wear grannie panties especially when I said ‘I’m quitting college, running away from home, moving to Hollywood.”

I threw all my worldly belongings into my little red car and headed West. Little did I know what was in store for me. Too much traffic, it gets cold at night, and I can’t tell who’s straight or gay, not that it matters, but hey it’s fun to know who your talking to. Gay men do my hair great and straight guys I just don’t have any time for. I have learned my lesson no boyfriends, no dating, just me and my career all cuddle up at night with a warm friendly script. Since we’re talking about scripts, I look forward to the day when producers just send a script to my agent that would be you for my script approval. Then I wake up from that dream.

I want to be able to do every kind of role, TV, Film, not so much theater, but I’m a singer so I do want to be on stage and I love how that feels. Nothing like an audience out there giving you all that love and worship. Of course I have to earn every bit of it. I have to act, sing and dance my little black booty off.


Jocelin Albor was Born in Modesto, California, and raised on the Central Coast. She currently is living in Los Angeles where she is modeling and acting. You may have seen Jocelin featured in shows like Melrose Place, House, and Lie To Me. She recently finshed filming part of the Pilot for the show Cutthroat, where she was featered as well.

She has modeled for campaigns for Nike and Super Street Bike magazine. In her spaire time she reads philosophy, likes hiking, and is currently finishing up her first book about funny relationships with men and the like.


Kena Mitso

Caroline Doff was born on June 27th, 1991 in Los Angeles, CA. She is the youngest of six children. Growing up in Hollywood, Caroline was introduced to the world of cinematography at a very young age. She would soon come to find a deep and personal attachment to acting. Caroline’s pursuit to become a well-rounded actress has taken a lot of dedicated work. For the last twelve years she has been associated with rigorous acting classes, plays, and several projects.

Caroline recently graduated from high school and was awarded honor roll recognition, a tribute to her dedication and persistence to success. Upon receiving her diploma Caroline has decided to devote her attention entirely on acting, as she knows experience is critical to attaining her goals.

Jennifer is also a well known pop singer who has recorded 3 albums and performed in many cities in the U.S. with fans all over the world. She hosts her own live call-in TV show, and starting this summer will be co-hosting a national television network morning talk show called The Morning Punch on Punch TV.


Katherine Mitso

Amy Lindsay was raised in Houston, Texas and has retained her fiery Texas spirit. She began her entertainment career as a model which led to work in over 20 national commercials and big parts in little films and little parts in big films. Some of her most notable roles were in Star Trek Voyager, Pacific Blue, RoboCop 2 and Silk Stalkings. Amy has acted in over 40 films and worked with producer Shiela Thompson in India on the film "Perfumed Garden: Tales of the Kama Sutra."

When not acting, Amy is a producer and has produced 10 educational documentaries for the National Endowment for the Arts as well as webisodes for Pepsi & Mountain Dew. She was nominated for an emmy as the associate producer of the interactive web show "Stranger Adventures." She can currently be seen in the award-winning feature, "Dog Tags" and the documentary "Die Trying." She is in the process of writing her first semi-autobiographical novel- and yes, she will name names...


Jack Mitso

Jim Tooey has been in LA for two years. He comes from the NY theater where he produced stared and wrote the two person play Tumor Humor He's Malignant She's Benign a true story and comedy about his survival of a brain tumor and a friends survival of Lymph Node cancer it was accepted in the Uptown,Downtown and Urban festivals in NYC in 2008 and performed at the Fringe where it won acclaimed reviews .Since then he has been in LA he has produced such films as Forgin Exchange and the TV pilot Taylor Made he has stared in such films as Running Scared and The Producers, and many others. His most recent, Spud's with Inclusion Films.

Jim is also the vice president of the TunorHumor Foundation, a 501c(3) that helps children under 12 that survive cancer pay their medical bills.




Officer Goober

Since arriving in Los Angeles in 2006 Jeremie Loncka’s zany and eccentric characters have caught the attention of audiences and critics alike. This fall you can catch him geeking it up on the big screen along side Hollywood royalty Ron Chaney in House of the Wolfman, or improvising alongside Hollywood’s funniest at 2nd City.

When not on screen or in the theatre you can find him training at the Larry Moss Studio or at your local park looking to enjoy a pick-up game of four square.


Officer Malaky

Dan Zacharias moved to Hollywood to play music. He sings, plays guitar, ukulele and any other instrument he can find. He fronts the bands Imperial Z and Commuter and has licensed songs to films and television, including the season 3 finale of "The O.C." on Fox. He studied improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and performs with the improv troupe Send It In Jerome. He also studied animation voice over with Delores Diehl at Bell Sound Studios.

He's appeared in several independent films, It's Me or the Dog on the Animal Planet and lent his voice to ads and PSAs. His hobbies include cooking, snow skiing and annoying the piss out of people.

Supporting Cast

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